5 thoughts on “It’s perfect & I love it!

  1. Hey Soul!!! Long time no hear!! I LOVE the new image! Your hubs is very talented and I think the new artwork goes well with your blog name! Stay safe my friend 😷🤗

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    1. Thank you, Huntress! I know, I’ve been so quiet. I really need to get back to writing – now that’s out in the universe, too!! The one I have in mind is so dark right now, I think it needs to be dragged out of me like that black tar goop that turned Spiderman bad & created Venom (random) lol!

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      1. Hey Soul, we all have that Venom side in us, sometimes I think that’s the only side I show, lmao. Hence my blog name…🤔. Anyway, it takes time to get back to where we should be. But don’t let it go completely, you write so awesome and with heart, so keep on keeping on.

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      2. OMG! See?! You’re the sweetest!

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      3. Sshhhh don’t let that get around….🤣😆😝😂

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