new beginnings

“Sometimes we can only find our true direction when we let the wind of change carry us.” -Mimi Novic
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The decade ended. The year ended. January ended, too, almost slipped right past without me noticing.

Time continues to march on, regardless of our footfalls. We try to choose wisely, to make resolutions that are statistically doomed to fail. Yet we persist. The world persists.

My children keep growing like weeds; my cuddle-seeking arms being evaded on an evermore prevalent basis as my boys become young men. I can only pray that whatever wisdom has come to me through these years is being imparted on them with love and with a grain of salt, too.  I may know where I’ve been, but I surely don’t know where they’re headed & what they’ll encounter on their journey. As we age, the world moves on. Our kids know more than we do of the pop culture & technologies that bombard our daily lives. Even though we joke that our teenagers are “so sure they know better than us,” it’s frankly not far from the truth when we consider the world they’re growing up in.

But, I digress. December brought change, as it always does.  I was contacted by a boss I hadn’t worked for in over a decade, one that I’d started my career with and had only parted ways with due to the closure of the business we’d worked at. FaceBook kept us in contact (all hail social media), and from afar we’d watch each other’s career changes.

She reached out, she said, because she finally had a position open for me and wanted me to return to work for her! Flattered and elated to hear this, I was also torn and uncertain. I wasn’t looking to leave my current employer and I had a great working relationship with my current boss. Had she called me five years ago, I’d have jumped ship in a heartbeat!

I told my husband I would hear her out, but my inclination was to politely decline. I had a good thing going, no reason to leave. Then I met with her. She gave me the history of her small company, a job description that was tailored to my qualifications, and a renewed sense of camaraderie and entrepreneurial spirit that my current employer was lacking. How could I say no?

It was tough saying goodbye to my coworkers of four years. My boss didn’t take the news too well, but he understood and was so supportive of my decision. I left him with homemade cookies, a box of tissues, and the resume of a good friend that I knew would be able to (almost) fill my shoes! Things are looking hopeful that she’ll be hired on, too!

I’ve been at my new digs for just over a week, now. My new (old) boss has formed a team that includes others we used to work with, too. I had lunch with some new faces, and one of them commented that it must be “like coming home.” And it kind of is. And it’s nice.

I wasn’t looking for change, but change found me nonetheless.

This new decade is looking bright. I think maybe I’ll make a some more changes 😀



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2 thoughts on “new beginnings

  1. Well congrats Soul! It’s never easy to leave the comfort we’ve gotten to know so well. But with that said, you took on your gut feeling and it sounds like so far so good. What an awesome way to start the new year. You will flourish I’m sure, good luck and congratulations once again!

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