The Journey Begins

To travel is to take a journey into yourself.   -Danny Kaye


I’ve thought a lot about the above quote as I’ve been thinking of what to write for my first-ever-blog-post (welcome!).  I chose it to be up there, front and center, as a guiding light to this entry.  Yet, as I sat with it for days – yes, I created this entry and then let it sit here for what seems like forever – I didn’t know why I chose that particular quote.

Perhaps it’s because the standard “Journey of 1,000 miles…” was too overdone and I wanted something newer, something to contemplate. I think it’s done its job in that regard. While I agree with the sentiment, I do not find it complete.

My whole purpose in starting this blog is to take that journey within, with you. This trip, however, does not involve us physically going anywhere. I believe that travel can indeed make us introspective, but it’s not necessary. Traveling within doesn’t require a passport, or funds, or a pinpoint on the map. It requires something much more. It requires that we truly look at ourselves: our relationships with family and friends, our habits and daily activities, our past and its weight on our current circumstances, and so much more.

I expect this trip will be scary at times, but my hope is that it’s mostly joyful and brings light on issues that we didn’t even realize were issues at all. Thank you so much for joining me in this. I know good things lay ahead.


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